Successfully and securely into the age of the cloud. Zscaler is no longer “just” a web proxy. The Zscaler Cloud provides quick and secure connections between all users, the internet and both public and internal applications – regardless of location, end device and network. Zscaler thus enables you to carry out simple, efficient and secure transformation of your networks into the new IT era:

  • Local breakouts for all of your branches for better performance, local content and savings on MPLS and VPN costs (direct to net/cloud).
  • Faster and safer access to the internet, cloud services and their private applications for all branches and mobile users – both within your own data centre as well via MS Azure and AWS.
  • Simple and high-performance use of Office365 thanks to one-click configuration, bandwidth management and ideal connections via the Zscaler Cloud.
  • Trouble-free management of branches – no more local firewall, proxy or VPN devices.
  • Replacement of VPN by a faster, more transparent and more secure global access to all your applications.

Learn all about this solution – in a 56 minutes webinar.